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New Moon in Taurus

In this issue:
** New Moon in Taurus--Sibyl
** Sleeping in the Shadow of Mt. Shasta, cont.-- Sibyl
** Black Sheep Speaks: Vicky's thoughts
** Announcements of interest

Celebrating the Sensual
New Moon in Taurus 2009
    Springtime, the flowers are starting to bloom and the animals are mating. I have sat and watched the birds and butterflies chasing each other doing their mating dance while I am in the garden and in class. It is the time of lush fertility of the Earth and the sign of Taurus. Taurus asks that we honor our senses and all pleasures of the body, the scent of the flowers, the feel of the cool earth below our feet and the music of the birds singing their mating call. There is a new type of therapy called Ecotherapy which believes that our soul is deeply connected to Nature and when we do not spend time outdoors we disconnect from our soul. So slow down, take some time for yourself outdoors and let yourself be healed by Mother Earth. The new moon in Taurus takes place on April 24, 2009 at 8:24 pm PDT; the full moon occurs on May 9th at 9:03 pm PDT.
    Mercury goes retrograde on May 7th (the evening of May 6th on the West coast) and he goes direct on May 30th. When Mercury goes retrograde, he is asking us to rethink and reevaluate what we have already learned or done to get a better picture of where we are being lead in the future. Mercury is in Gemini so communication issues will come up.  Questions of how we are communicating with each other with some possible insights of how to do it better may surface. It is a time of editing what has been written and dealing with unfinished projects. Travel could be very challenging as well and be prepared for unexpected events. This event affects some people more than others depending on where it occurs in your own chart. Also, if Mercury is retrograde in your own chart things might actually run smoother for you now than at other times.
    Venus went direct on April 17th, so it is time to start instituting some the changes or insights that came up when she was retrograde. (See last month's newsletter.)
    Another significant event is the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius at the end of May that is actually present for 2 months. This is a very special aspect that only happens once every 12 years. It is a deeply mystical and spiritual aspect, a visionary time to dream big. It is a large energy vortex and real changes can be made with prayer, meditation and visualization. If possible go to a sacred site or power place to pray or meditate, the deities/spirits will be more likely to hear you and answer your requests.                          

Sleeping in the Shadow of Mt Shasta (cont.)
    I can’t believe that a month has gone by already. I found a trail behind my house that leads up to an incredible view of Mt Shasta as well as other mountains and the valley. I go there frequently to pray and meditate. It is a magical place in itself as I am sure the little people live there.
    The herbal class is really wonderful, I am learning a lot about the herbs, their medicinal and spirit properties and Native American energetics. Every time I am near Mt Shasta I have eagle dreams, visitations and encounters. I have had a few since I have been here now and many when I came here over a 6 month period last year. My teacher says this is a place where spirit talks to me and gives me guidance, that is what the eagle energy is about. I will continue to update you on my experiences here at this very powerful and sacred place. I am so grateful to be able to have this time here.

Black Sheep Speaks
"My boat struck something deep. Nothing happened. Sound, silence, waves.
Nothing happened, or perhaps everything has happened, and I'm sitting in the middle of my new life."
Juan Ramon Jimeniz, Nobel Prize winner
    Periodically in life our souls strike something so deep everything changes. So profound can be those changes that at first we do not even realize what has happened. It is then that we owe it to ourselves to slow down enough to make note of what has shifted. Our very health and sanity demands it lest we stumble along like zombies oblivious to the new turn Life has taken. Such unseeing cannot properly be called living.
    In this season of Taurus let us settle into a sensual silence and listen, pay attention, discover the new life in which we find ourselves. May each of us seek out our sacred place of power and allow ourselves to be revealed and healed. Who knows what we will find when we awaken?

Happenings Around Town(Fear Not, We'll Tell You Which Town) :-)
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