Vicky Combs, a Unitarian Universalist minister (, political activist, teacher, and massage therapist, offers holistic body/energy work to revive body and soul. She was the founding minister of Gaia Community in Kansas City (

Sibyl Star, an interpretive evolutionary astrologer, provides astrological guidance and wisdom for the spiritual seeker. She specializes in the lunar and Goddess energies of the chart. For the past eight years Sibyl's studies have included classes with internationally known astrologers such as Joann Wickenburg, and Demetra George as well as completion of 160 hours of the Steven Forrest apprenticeship program. (

Both Vicky and Sibyl are priestesses within the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft.
They recently returned from a visit to the internationally famous Findhorn Foundation community in Scotland ( There Vicky received the 72 hour Permaculture Design certificate and Sibyl studied astro-shamanic chants and trance dances with Italian shaman/astrologer, Franco Santoro.

The River Findhorn
Vicky on the Left and Sibyl on the Right

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